Pica Pau’s crochet puffin modified version

The amazing creations of Pica Pau are maybe my favorite amigurumis patterns. She recently wrote a second book and, needless to say, these new patterns are all astonishing ! I have to admit that I already crocheted a bunch of them.

Among those last patterns, the puffin one is a real hit here. I already crocheted a first version of it, strictly following the pattern instructions but I wanted to make another one, slightly modified, for my son.  To be honest, he kinda have lots of demands : a belly like this, wings like that etc.

Here is what I came up with  (hope my customer is fully satisfied) :

For those of you who might be interested, here are the changes I made to the initial pattern :

Puffin belly

Round 24 : 21 stitches in charcoal grey, 12 in off-white, 21 in charcoal grey

Round 25 : 20 stitches in charcoal grey, 14 in off-white, 20 in charcoal grey

Round 26 : 19 stitches in charcoal grey, 16 in off-white, 19 in charcoal grey

Round 27 : 18 stitches in charcoal grey, 18 in off-white, 18 in charcoal grey

Rounds 28 : 17 stitches in charcoal grey, 20 in off-white, 17 in charcoal grey

Rounds 29 – 34 : 16 stitches in charcoal grey, 22 in off-white, 16 in charcoal grey

Rounds 35 – 42 : keep following the pattern, crocheting 22 stitches in off-white on the same stitches as the ones from the previous rounds.

From Rd 43, all the stitches are crocheted in off-white.

Puffin wings

The wings are the same as Pica Pau’s pattern, I just sew them differently :

  • Sew only 1/3rd of the stitches on the body and close the rest of each wing by sewing the remaining stitches.
  • Position of the wings on the body : I sewed them kinda diagonally to give some movement and so that the final result goes well with the belly motif.

I hope you enjoyed my puffin version and if you want to make one of your own, here is the link to Pica Pau’s last book : Animal friends of Pica Pau.

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